Monday, January 17, 2011

More Winter

Woke this morning to wind howling. Hubby left at 6:00 am for a meeting downstate. Snow blowing across the road on the way to take the Things to school. Another 5-6" expected before it's all done. Poor hubby finally plowed the driveway yesterday, and it's already snowed-over so he'll have to do it again tomorrow before the next Alberta Clipper comes through to drop the temps into the single digits later this week (thanks, Alberta!).

I'm home today for probably the last "vacation" day until May. Plans include mopping the kitchen floor, vacuuming, and laundry. Possibly some baking (cornbread? blueberry muffin loaf? both?). Also, in the mood for mulled cider so I got out the crockpot to remind myself to put some on after lunch so that it's warm when I get home from picking up the Things. 

Won't be going for another hike in the woods today--just too windy. Instead, I thought I'd share some more of the pics I took last week. Enjoy.

Raised garden beds  in the side yard
The trail
The creek that runs through our back yard (its origin in the spring-fed marsh to the left of the trail in the pic above)
Close-up of the rock wall

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