Monday, May 2, 2011

Hooray for May!

Very happy today, after a restful weekend spent working around the house. I say "restful" because I didn't spend the weekend grading.

Spent much of yesterday bringing up tub after tub of baby clothes for the yard sale in June. Garden is looking great--we should have quite a crop of strawberries since the Ft. Laramies we planted last year wintered over really well (including the "daughter" plants we planted in the fall) and now that I've gotten the creeping groundcover weed thingies off them, they should do well. Hubby built a small cold frame so that we could get some seeds started and keep the plants (peppers and roma tomatoes) warm until we're past the danger of frost. Since we had snow the second week of May last year, we're going to wait a bit to plant them. Hubby put the potatoes in--Yukon Golds and baby reds.

The Things are getting along, and I'm really happy about that. I'm actually looking forward to spending the summer at home for the first time since Thing One was a baby. She's more willing to cooperate, and she's really been helpful lately.

Thing One reading Cars and Trucks to her brother, who LOVES things that go.

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