Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowpocalypse Snow Day

Yes, it snowed here. I am still not quite sure how much, since the blizzard blew huge drifts everywhere. We were on the northern edge of the storm that dumped two feet on Chicago, so I'm thinking we got off easy.

Frankie and Clodagh on Tuesday morning

Driveway w/ 3 ft. drifts


Post at the end of the driveway

Deck: This drift is up to my waist

The Man and The Machine, a 1972 Toro.

The Toro snowblower is older than Hubby.

Air conditioner

Through the kitchen window

Front stoop with four-foot drift
Very happy to not have to go in to campus today, as I'm sure the students were too. Things should be back to normal (whatever that means) tomorrow.

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