Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Week in the Life: Wednesday

Crashed at 7:45 pm last night. Didn't sleep well (kept thinking about all the things I have to do this week, plus I had "Go Outside" from Sesame Street's guest appearance by Jason Mraz -- complete with Elmo's high-pitched humming along-- stuck in my head.) so another groggy morning. Except that since I got up early enough, I can take a shower while Hubby's still here to keep the Things occupied [he leaves at 6:15]. 

Morning proceeds as it normally does.

8:30 am: Arrive on campus after dropping the Things off at their respective schools. Hustle into my office to email myself the Douglass/Jacobs presentation (it's on my netbook) so that I can finish tweaking it. Also wolf down a bowl of generic Honeycomb cereal because my hands are shaking from the coffee. Or from the stress of trying to get everything done. Whatever.

8:55 am: Hustle over to the Large Group Instruction room to get the presentation up and running.

9:00 - 10:15 am: Team-teaching ROCKS! I love the interplay between disciplines (in this case, History and Literature). We are talking about ante-bellum reform (abolition in particular) and examining excerpts of Frederick Douglass' Narrative and Harriet Jacobs' Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. After we lectured for 35 minutes, we broke the students into smaller groups (3 or 4 each) to have them discuss what they thought was one of the most significant themes in either of the readings, and gave them about 15 minutes to talk (along with questions on the slide in case they got stuck). Each group had something different to say, and it was a very productive class. (Each of us has more than 25 students registered, but not everyone was there today--we had about 45 students all together.)

10:30 am -12:00 pm: My usual office hours (Monday-Thursday). Graded the remaining 6 ENG 101 papers, met with two students about their ENG 102 papers.

12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch (PBJ + pretzels, Diet Pepsi) at my desk. Prep for ENG 101 (need to start teaching them how to summarize and how to incorporate outside material into their papers). Draft a "Summary Worksheet" to help guide them. (This is off-calendar--we're supposed to start the final unit today -- on Technology -- but I need to get them practicing summaries. This is what I get for doing a new course prep during the final semester of my tenure bid.)

1:00- 2:15 pm: ENG 101. Go over writing summaries; P.I.E. (Point Illustration Explanation) as an acronym for smoothly incorporating summaries and quotes into one's own writing. Give assignment (by Monday, they have to have summary worksheets printed out for both articles, in addition to a rough draft). Think this may be too much, but will also prevent them from procrastinating until Sunday night to come up with a draft. Hope they will see (before I tell them on Monday) that the summaries they're working on are a perfect way to begin the draft.

2:20 - 2:55 pm: Grade ENG 101 D2L (Desire to Learn) posts for topic which closed Monday. I'm actually on top of all the grading!! Oh, except for the 20 literature journals that came in this morning. And the summaries I had the ENG 102 class do last week. Rats.

2:55-3:10 pm: Begin this blog entry.

3:15-4:00 pm: Prep for ENG 102 tomorrow. Assigning fourth (and final) paper: 6-8 page researched argument. Copies. Coaxing the copier to cooperate.

4:00 pm: Leave campus to pick up kids.

4:30 pm: Stop at grocery store as we are out of a bunch of stuff.

5:10 pm: Arrive home. Begin cooking dinner. Thing One asks for pretzels, and I give Thing Two the other half of his banana from breakfast. Go back to cooking dinner.

5:40 pm: Hubby calls. Finally leaving work.

5:45 pm: Dinner ready. Dish it out. Thing Two in high chair having a nervous breakdown complete with snot running down his nose. Wants his nuk and his blankie: "'nigh-'nigh! 'nigh-nigh!" So off we go to change him into his moose pajamas. He calms down, snuggles his face into my neck, and sighs. He's had a long day, too.

6:10 pm: Finally sit down to dinner. It's cold. Good thing we have a microwave. Our old one died a few months back (like, in the middle of summer when there is no extra cash for things like replacing a microwave) and the new one is really nice. It's red, too. Sick of black and white is impossible to keep clean. Anyway, zap dinner.

6:15 pm: Hubby rolls in. We can sit and talk a little, except that Thing One wants (and should get) our attention. She reads to us, then we send her to put on her pjs too.

6:45 pm: I turn on my netbook because I have to update two worksheets for my ENG 102 research paper. Because I am having my students turn them in via D2L this year (thereby saving a few trees), the sheets need to be updated into table format to make them easy to fill out.

7:45 pm: Finish tweaking the worksheets and upload the new ones onto the D2L site. 

7:45 -8:00 pm: Final update for this blog post. 

I find that I am really enjoying writing these entries, if only because when I read them I can see how much I'm accomplishing on any given day. I used to keep a journal (I have boxes full of the things, not to mention a stack on my desk at work--they're full of ideas for poems) but I have that typical 21st century problem: not enough time/energy to write long-hand.

And now, bed.

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